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There's a FeedLand Blogroll Toolkit if you want to adapt it to work in your blogging environment. We already have a WordPress plugin. #
F. Murray Abraham, pictured to the right, played the part of the bad guy in a fantastic movie about the Inquisition. We're headed that way in the US. A man very much like Bernardo Gui will be advising women and their doctors on what is permitted in women's health care. #
If you're a blogger, here's something to think about. Whose writing influenced the way you write? Here's my list: Kurt Vonnegut, My uncle Ken (not his writing, rather his way of telling stories), my father, Russell Baker, Robert Hunter (lyricist for the Dead), Douglas Coupland (specifically MicroSerfs), the guys, everyone who was writing at Hotwired in 1995. I'll think of others, but those are the ones who come to mind. I have been a constant reader since I was a little kid, so there's a mix of writing styles from authors I don't immediately remember. I should also do one of these lists for who inspired my software.#
My father taught me how to organize my thinking when I was trying to figure out how something works. And that's basically what I've spent my life on, figuring out how things work. The most interesting and gratifying was understanding things that didn't exist until I pieced their story together. #
I have to admit I like Tyrese Maxey of the Sixers, who spoiled a Knicks victory last night that would have closed out the first round of the playoffs. It felt like the Knicks had won the game when Maxie single-handedly pulled the Sixers back into contention. Now the Knicks are up 3-2 with the next game in Philadelphia tomorrow night. But! I didn't flip out this time like I did for the last game, and I think it was because I was able to watch it on local TV with the familiar play by play guy, Mike Breen, and the best color guy for any sport, Walt Clyde Frazier. If he wasn't flipping out why should I. One of the things I love about his narration is that he uses words incorrectly, kind of like Archie Bunker. I keep wanting to say "I do not think it means what you think it means," but then I realized, last night, for the first time, it's freaking poetry! A lot of it even rhymes. And it's a poem that will go on as long as the Knicks do. Unfortunately I don't think the MSG crew is going to be doing the next game. And btw, they do a much better job of camera work than ESPN. Maybe it's because the TV people have been able to iterate the camera setup the same way I iterate the UI of a piece of software. The same company owns the TV network as owns the arena as owns the team. It's all totally horizontally integrated. At dinner the other night a friend asked, if the owner of the Knicks wasn't a putz. I said of course, he's the worst but, the Knicks now are being well managed. So maybe he's mellowed out a bit?#
When I log on to, these are the suggestions. None of them relate to things I'm thinking about. I haven't been a student or interviewed for a job in decades. But I've been on Facebook for many years, and I had to connect this to my Facebook account to use it, so presumably it knows all that Facebook knows about me, about me. How long before this is customized?#
I'm looking for a quick and easy and ideally free way to upload an MP3 of a podcast and get back a transcript. I have a feeling that a podcast I recorded yesterday will work better as a written document, but I don't have the patience to transcribe it myself. I asked on Twitter, Bluesky, Mastodon, Threads, ChatGPT,

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