It's even worse than it appears..
There's this great scene in MoneyBall where Billy Beane is talking to David Justice in the batting cage. Justice reminds Beane how much he's paying him, and Beane says I'm going to tell it to you straight -- half your salary is being paid by the Yankees. Think about it. They're paying all that money for you to play against them. That's how I feel about Fox. How much will it cost to get them to STFU. Whatever it is it's worth it.#
If you have working code that uploads images to WordPress sites via the WPCOM interface, I could use some pointers. #
Dave: "Do you want credit?" ChatGPT: "Not necessary."#
If you're part of the indieweb community and work in Node.js, you should know about the reallysimple package. It flattens the interface for the most common feed formats. It's designed to be super easy to use. Give it a URL and it returns a consistent JSON structure. More people would develop feed-using apps if they knew about this package. I just want more people to develop around feeds. #

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