It's even worse than it appears..
Cross-posting to various social web sites has gotten out of hand, not just for the person posting, but for readers. #
Here's a problem I have with the ChatGPT app. I can't find the conversations I had with it a month ago. And I need to. They desperately need a Bookmarks menu. I'm sure their corporate customers are screaming about this, because they need groupware too. Are they partnering with Slack, or is Slack doing their own, for example?#
Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc should collaborate on new ways to do software docs and user interaction using AI. It's an incredible application, it will revolutionize how useful computers are to people, and the only people whose writing is ingested are employees of the companies. Not only will it increase utility, it will demonstrate in a very observable way how transformational the technology is. Probably will do nice things for the value of the stock too.#
Wouldn't it be incredible to have ChatGPT as part of a conversation on GitHub? #

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