It's even worse than it appears..
Thursday May 30, 2024; 9:49 AM EDT
  • Biden would be a fine president if our problems were limited to the virus, the economy and climate change. #
  • He's like Obama, but with much more experience at getting things done in Washington. #
  • His failure is that the fascist movement in the country is much stronger now than it was when he took office. #
  • Are we better off than we were four years ago? No, sadly we are worse off. Trump is a much bigger threat now.#
  • Biden is a fine LBJ-like president. And like LBJ, he has his Vietnam. Biden's war he can't end is called Trump. Trump isn't in jail. That's the failure right there. #
  • The problem could be fixed if we had this discussion out in the open, so that the press raises it every day and in every press event. They shouldn't be trying to embarrass him about his age, that's rude and deceptive, instead they should ask why isn't Trump in jail?#
  • If Biden wanted to address this, and it would certainly help his chances of winning, he would:#
    • Fire Garland immediately.#
    • Apologize for not firing him sooner. It was a mistake. My mistake. I own it. I am sorry.#
    • Nominate Jamie Raskin, Liz Cheney or Ruben Gallego as the new AG. #
    • Biden's number one promise is that he will fully prosecute Trump and all insurrectionists in his second term, starting now. This would also serve as a warning to any Trump supporters that tried to overthrow the government (again, sigh) before or during the election. #
  • Trump is making a fool of Biden by saying openly that he will be a dictator on Day 1.#
  • People who think Trump is losing don't get it. People are rightly fed up with Biden. But not for the economy. That's bullshit. And not because he's old. Rather because he's selling us out, just hoping against hope that the voters will save us. It's kind of unreasonable to expect that when you, the person we elected president to get us out of this hole, didn't fire the biggest obstacle to our starting to dig. #
  • Depend on Congress, the press, the courts, now the voters. #
  • No Biden, you're the president. This is your job. #
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