It's even worse than it appears..
We could bridge RSS and ActivityPub and get more interop. #
Jon Stewart from this Monday is good to watch as a reminder of what the press could be doing beyond what Jay Rosen recommends (which is on the right track). They could be playing the same role that the 12 jurors in NYC did. I'd love to see a requirement that every moderator of a major news show in the US do jury duty for a couple of weeks a year, to keep them aware of the standard that should also apply to news, not just justice. (Update: Jay is on it.)#
It's amazing how well Comey's rep has been laundered, but I'll never forget that his CYA move re Hillary's emails at the very end of the 2016 campaign, knocked Hillary off her feet, she never recovered and we had four years of Trump and maybe more as a result. He is not an authority on democracy, he's one of the early pariahs. There has been no apology, or regret expressed. As bad as Alito. I wonder if CNN has bothered to check how people feel about him. #

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