It's even worse than it appears..
According to reviewers Hit Man is a movie for adults, supposedly with a plot, writing, acting, from Netflix. Rated 83 on Metacritic (a must-see). I was excited! Watched it. It's like a TV sitcom. Ugh. Zzzzz. The main character has a nice-Brad Pitt like smile. Wears weird constumes. Finds a beautiful girlfriend. Best thing about it is that it takes place in New Orleans, so I could try to figure out where they were. That's about it. Much better implementation of a similar idea -- Emily the Criminal. #
I bet you could do a nice AI that would create a graph of people who are connected to other people through far more criteria than networks like LinkedIn or Facebook could. It could take into account all of those connections and others. Kind of like a current-day geneology of relationships. #
I find I look for new stuff in the social web the way I used to look for new stuff on news websites before we got RSS and feed readers. It made a little sense when it was only Twitter. But now I have to check Bluesky, Mastodon and Threads too. It's not just the writing that has to be distributed manually, but also our time as readers. And then there's the question of where you reply if you have something to add. #
If you and I both have accounts on ChatGPT, it would be nice if I could include you in one of my conversations with the bot, and we could explore an idea together with access to all the information we might want to call up. This is what all the chat companies are trying, but the one in the best position to do this is OpenAI, because they have the top rung in the positioning ladder for AI apps. It's where most of us go for our AI. Like Visicalc which had the top rung of the spreadsheet ladder until Lotus 1-2-3 took over, which was then knocked off the top rung by Excel. This is why they have to move forward aggressively, it's the way tech works. Before too long all the chat apps with have their AI bots in the loop and it will be too late for OpenAI to dominate. But right now they are the obvious choice for this. The place you we go to AI. #
I wonder if reporters know that Wikipedia hallucinates too?? And since they so often consider Wikipedia authoritative, that means reporters and their publications hallucinate as well. #

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