It's even worse than it appears..
Greetings from the Catskills where it's a bright early summer day. #
Podcast: Why the mechanism behind ChatGPT doesn't matter. As usual I ramble all over the place, but hopefully this illuminates and perhaps entertains. 15 minutes.#
The real story of RSS is that in a moment when the NYT had a spirit of adventure, they backed RSS and as a result news adopted a technology that was pioneered by bloggers, not the tech industry. If that partnership had flourished and developed we might now have a good alternative to the tech billionaires. #
And before that a few oddly empowered crazy-ass people at Netscape had an idea that bloggers had the answer, not Google. I don't really know who they were, they communicated through their actions, not via email or the phone. Same kind of thing happened with XML-RPC, except there I knew the people at Microsoft who momentarily bent the corporate rules to make something happen quickly and simply in the market. #
Spoiler: The tech industry eventually had their way. As a friend from Microsoft who is now gone liked to say: too bad so sad. 😄#

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