It's even worse than it appears..
Thursday June 20, 2024; 7:50 AM EDT
  • I started to write the code to hook up my linkblogger to Threads, but it led me to the same website with all my broken Facebook apps, the ones that stopped working when they shut down the API after the 2016 election. A reminder that this is still Facebook. And while I don't blame them for shutting down the APIs, the whole experience left a really bad feeling. #
  • So I backed out of the project to give it some more thought. Do I really want to go down this road?#
  • And of course I had the cute little kitten illustrate.#
  • The kitten is startled by the Facebook developer site.#
  • A cute little kitten is sitting at a desk with a laptop, preparing to write an app. The laptop screen shows code for the Threads API from Meta. The kitten has a surprised and concerned expression as she looks at the developer site on another screen, which shows a Facebook logo and reminds her of the events of 2016. In the background, a calendar shows the year 2024. The scene is set in a cozy room with soft lighting and a few toys scattered around, giving it a homely feel.#

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