It's even worse than it appears..
Today's song: Bell Bottom Blues. "It's all wrong but it's all right."#
I want to be able to run Frontier on the new Macs, but was disappointed that VMware doesn’t work and had given up on the idea. But I just learned that UTM might work. Here’s the transcript of my inquiry. Wondering if anyone has had good experience using UTM to run older Mac software on Apple CPUs.#
Heard an interview show on NPR where they went to laundromats and asked people about the upcoming election. Big surprise they say pretty much exactly what they say on the news about the candidates, all of it bothsidesisms and no mention of the fascism coming our way if we go one direction. It's all everyone's fault, so why bother voting, is mostly what they say. SMH in disbelief.#
If you think you understand the significance of RSS, I bet you don't. Please listen to the 14-minute podcast I posted yesterday for the real story. We should learn from this and not repeat the same mistake, and of course until the real story is out, we can't learn from it. Let's get it right on the Wikipedia page. It isn't about Guha or Libby, me, or whoever. It's really about the power of Netscape and the early web news publishing companies that supported RSS, and the blogging systems that jumped on board (including my own products) and then two years later, the NYT coming on board, followed by the entire news industry. A bunch of nerds arguing on a mail list is not the story. With the benefit of well over twenty years hindsight this should, by now, be kind of obvious. #
Threads could make it a lot easier for us to cross-post to their system, esp since they say they will support ActivityPub. As it is there are too many hoops to jump through imho. I think basically they all want you to use their UI's which amounts to writing in tiny little textboxes of course. #
  • Another impressive day for Wordle Kitty! #

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