It's even worse than it appears..
Saturday June 29, 2024; 10:56 AM EDT
  • Every day when I play Wordle, I present it as the work of fictitious character I created with the help of ChatGPT: Wordle Kitty. #
  • Now there's a family of Wordlers. A monkey, a bunny even Raines Cohen, a friend from the 80s in Silicon Valley. #
  • I'm using Facebook for this because my friends there are the people I want to share it with. #
  • The latest character is the Angry Old Gray Lady. She's horrible, evil, standing in the way of us getting back to America, for real, not the fascist con job from Maga Lardo. #
  • Wordle Kitty, the original wordler, a pioneer of new kitten culture.#
  • Wordle Bunny, loves fresh fruit and vegetables, speaks at the UN.#
  • Raines Cohen Kitty, a kitty in the form of Raines Cohen, of Berkeley co-housing.#
  • Peace Kitty, she speaks at rallies for America and peace. #
  • Angry Old Gray Lady, the NY Times is in the way. #
  • PS: I almost forgot Standards Kitty, Patriotic Kitty.#

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