It's even worse than it appears..
Tuesday July 2, 2024; 3:26 PM EDT
  • This is the first of two podcasts for today. #
  • It started out being one podcast, but I hit the wrong button after 14 minutes and ended up with two audio files instead of one.#
  • I don't like editing, so you get two for the price of one. :-)#
  • It's a rambler, starts out with me talking about Elie Mystal on abortion and slavery. #
  • The second podcast explains how we're in a war, and it's about time we recognized it as such. #
  • We need the Democrats to do what we elected them to do, save the freaking United States, which by the way after yesterday's decision by the Supreme Court, doesn't really exist any longer. We go into that in the second episode. #
  • It's not enough to win the election. We have to get the Supreme Court back to a semblance of what it was. They're behaving in a way that's inconsistent with the continued existence of the country they're supposed to be part of the government of. #
  • But we can have a laugh along the way. The world hasn't completely fallen apart, yet. 😄 #
  • 14 minutes.#

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