It's even worse than it appears..
I'm glad Biden is attacking journalists, he has a much bigger voice than I do. If I had his influence I'd be saying the same things, though I wouldn't be as kind. It's time to put the journalists back where they belong, covering news, not trying to run the country. #
I feel about twitter the same as I feel about the nytimes. As if we're not on speaking terms. Not that the nytimes ever listened, or really twitter, for that matter.#
Is Sulzberger another Musk. Inherited something of value, moving as quickly as possible to destroy that value.#
It's time to stop caring what journalists think.#
  • You know how Trump said he could shoot someone on Fifth Ave and wouldn't lose any supporters. This is the same thing except with Biden.#
  • What you need to know:#
    • We all knew this would happen.#
    • We all saw it happen, we don't need you to tell us.#
    • We're going with him anyway.#
  • The plan is this:#
    • If Biden gets disabled, or dies, before or after the election -- VP Harris steps up.#
    • Now everyone can relax.#
  • Hot tip for journos: The Supreme Court decloaked, an even bigger story.#
  • BTW, am I imagining it or has journalism inadvertently admitted that they all want Trump to lose? It's logical that they would, but I thought they always said they were objective on this stuff. The famous View From Nowhere. Has that pretense accidentally been dropped?#
  • On Mastodon, Sara Joy writes: "Let Biden run. Let Kamala and lots of other younger Dems take on lots of events. Support him from underneath. If and when he falters, the party is there to prop him up, take up the slack, or step in."#
  • I had a similar idea.#
  • Make this the campaign of the cabinet, governors and congress.#
  • Let all the great next generation democrats shine. #
  • Big stadium events where a lot of them share the stage.#
  • Joe Biden dials in via satellite.#
  • "Listen, I'm an old dude, so I need my rest but look at all these bright young people who help me do the business of the American people. Aren't they wonderful!"#
  • He puts on his robe and slippers, sits in a rocking chair with a dog at his feet and his grandchildren playing yahtzee and checkers...#
  • And one of the juniors is hanging out with him, making sure he doesn't spill his beer, so you know they have his back.#
  • Baseball cards are handed out at the events with each of the stars of the Democratic Party.#
  • Collect them all!#
  • You get 5 free cards with a $25 contribution.#
  • Some would be very rare.#
  • Also there would be Old Timers Day, where Bernie, Hillary, Barack, Michelle and Bill would have a concert. #
  • Hosted by Mayor Pete!#
  • Joe is at the top of the ticket, but we got him covered.#
  • Out comes VP Kamala and she sings the anthem along with Taylor Swift wearing a red white and blue sequined outfit. #
  • And Santa Claus, Uncle Sam, Betsy Ross, and the Founding Fathers. #
  • Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King, Jackie Robinson, Rosa Parks and the freedom fighters. #
  • All the heroes of America, standing up for America. #
  • The Greatest Generation and Repubs like Ike, even Reagan and of course Lynne Cheney.#
  • We don't need no freaking monarch, they all sing.#
  • No we don't! shouts the people. #
  • On video, the Dead sing "I'm Uncle Sam, how do you do!"#
  • Shake the hand that shook the hand of PT Barnum and Charlie Chan.#
  • We all march together to victory.#

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