It's even worse than it appears..
If we were organized we could handle anything. The only reason we're panicking about Biden's capability is that our news flow is owned by largely invisible media moguls. The only way out of this mess is to route around them.#
I agree with Manton. The way the twitter-alikes do discourse is not the only possible way, and imho, and, as I've said before (in 2007!), most of what passes for discourse on twitter is actually spam, and that goes for Masto, Threads, Bluesky and Facebook (aka FriendFeed). #
  • I kind of like what Nancy Pelosi is doing.#
  • She's got a unique role to play, as a master of Washington and national politics.#
  • She stepped down as Democratic leader in the House to let a new generation lead, yet maintained here position as sort of overseeing and giving her blessings to how they go forward.#
  • She also helped organize the Jan 6 committee, which in the end was the only real official judgement of Trump on the insurrection before the election. #
  • I don't know how she and Biden get along.#
  • It's much better to have her leading this discussion than the children who write the NYT these days. Playing with powerful tools/weapons they don't understand, at best, being manipulated by vicious fascists at worst.#
  • I trust Pelosi in this situation, we're lucky to have her.#
  • A new episode for the Podcast0 feed.#
  • After a break since June 20, we now resume my original "audio blog" from the summer of 2004, twenty years ago.#
  • I was just beginning to figure out how this new medium worked, and rather than record my own thoughts, as with the previous two episodes, I published audio from another source, my meditation teacher, Jeru Kabbal. #
  • Starting with the next episode, tomorrow, an interview with Steve Gillmor, one of the earliest podcast pioneers -- we'll have an original audio blog post. That's when the pulse really starts. #
  • A screen shot of upcoming episodes from morningcoffeenotes.#
  • Here's the Apple Podcasts page for this episode. #
  • I've been making mistakes in 2024 on almost every episode. This time I got the title wrong, it's Sunrise of the Soul. Rather than change it, and take a chance of the episode showing up twice in some podcast clients, I'm just leaving it as-is. Trying to get a feel for how most of the clients work. Do they refresh posts, if the descriptions change (as this one is)? I don't know. #
  • Do the clients strip out the HTML or do they support some of it? I wonder if links make it through to most clients?#
  • The original post for Podcast0.#
  • Imagine what kind of roller coaster you could build on the moon.#

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