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Ad #153; Category Help Wanted; Posted 8/5/97; 11:30:41 AM.

Looking for Websites to Design

I am a subcontractor looking for web sites to design. I will give you competitive rates and offer animations, graphics, forms, email links, etc. Call me at 603-881-8317 or email me at angelac@ici.net to get more information.
More info http://www.ici.net/cust_pages/angelac/amc.htm; Email to angelac@ici.net.

Ad #152; Category Help Wanted; Posted 7/30/97; 4:50:39 PM.

Webmeister Wanted

Entry level web enthusiast - long on knowlege, but short on experience to improve, enhance, and maintain our web site. Opportunity for additional assignments with our clients. Contract employment with 15[base ']0SEP-IRA paid by employer. San Francisco Bay Area location. Good climate for challenge/opportunity. Even better climate for enjoying life.
More info http://www.philos.com; Email to mgmm@philos.com.

Ad #150; Category Help Wanted; Posted 7/22/97; 7:04:28 AM.

in despreate need of mail processer to work from home

earn up to 35 dollars per hour workin at your own pace and setting your own times.

send a SASE(self addressed stamped envolope to

infoservices 414 appleton drive vernon hills, il 60061

More info http://www.infoservices.com; Email to viper_mj12@hotmail.com.

Ad #148; Category Help Wanted; Posted 6/25/97; 8:31:31 PM.

NYC Company Needs Software Developer

Developers needed by an NYC-based company marketing electronic commerce software. Experience in C++, OO, merchant servers required, JAVA a plus.

Interested applicants should contact: hmesser@quicklink.com

Please attach a resume and a contact number.

More info [not available]; Email to hmesser@quicklink.com.

Ad #143; Category Help Wanted; Posted 5/14/97; 12:07:04 PM.


QTVR, objects and pano's for your web site. QTVR creates a positive, lasting impression on visitors to your web site. Happy to travel. Let's talk!
More info http://www.dailyegyptian.com/cool/VR/rhinoent.html; Email to kthomas@siu.edu.

Ad #141; Category Help Wanted; Posted 5/11/97; 10:27:55 AM.

Frontier Script Needed

The Media Machine is a web consulting firm in Manhattan specializing in buidling database backends for web sites. We are looking for someone to do frontier scripting for us on a freelance basis. We have one job lined up right now - to write a script that will be call through an AppleEvent, cuts long text into blocks of 2000 characters, and returns the results in a list.

If you are interested, respond by email or call 212/982-0738 x 28.

Klaus Sonnenleiter

The Media Machine, LLC

More info http://www.m-machine.com; Email to klaus@m-machine.com.

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