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AutoWeb Gossip & Testimonials

AutoWeb Gossip & Testimonials

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From jrsumser@well.com

I'm psyched. Auto Web is going to be the wraparound for my daughter's Science Fair Project. Really nice work, Dave.

From lucey_s@jpmorgan.com (Sean Lucey)

I think AutoWeb is genius from what I've seen and read. I applaud your efforts and want to do whatever I can internally at JPM to make sure we license it as well as personally evangelize it to my friends and clients in the industry.

From danlevy@panix.com (Dan Levy)

I love the documentation, and the ease of serving it locally. You're doing great work. I can't wait to figure out how to teach it to my clients (not to mention myself...)

I'm not sure I can wait until early Feb to call the 800 number to find out what kind of AutoWeb discount I can get on Frontier! I haven't written a program since college (and that was more than fifteen years ago), but I really see how much I'll enjoy working with Frontier to customize the AutoWeb and AutoMail environments.

From rnygord@ccmail.com (Rich Nygord -- Lotus)

AutoWeb may turn out to be a "killer-script" for web-masters...

From 0005777433@mcimail.com (Bobby Orbach)

Bigggg Dave, your web site is really cool! When Autoweb is finished, get rid of the Camel. [The camel stays. But I still love you Bobby!!! -- Dave]

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