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AutoWeb FAQs

AutoWeb FAQs

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From Ivan.Myrvold@grimstad.nett.telenor.no on 2/8/95

I use MacHTTP. When I want to upload from my AutoWeb Upload Folder, I do not need to use ftp to upload, I can just save onto the folder which I have mounted. Do you have any ideas as how to do that?

Yes -- forget about the Upload Folder. Create an alias to the folder that holds the files that MacHTTP is serving. Move that alias into the same folder as the Little Script Editor app. Change the name of the alias to "Output Folder". Key fact: all folders in AutoWeb can be aliases. This is very important...

From Ivan.Myrvold@grimstad.nett.telenor.no on 2/5/95

I have downloaded AutoWeb 1.0b5. I thought AutoWeb was a WWW server, but I can't find any server in this folder. Will this be added later?

Ivan, AutowWeb is a new kind of software. It builds a website from a hierarchy of folders and text files. AutoWeb is not an HTTP server. We have no plans for turning it into one. We understand that MacHTTP from BIAP Systems is an excellent product. Check it out at their website. Dave

From danlevy@panix.com (Dan Levy), on 1/31/95

Dave, when I pull down the AutoWeb menu in LSE to choose Welcome! I see "Can't compile script because of syntax error." Additionally, when I attempt to empty the output folder, nothing happens, and when I attempt to rebuild the output folder, the LSE window comes up, but nothing shows up in the window.

Dan, there's a syntax error in your Config Script. Basically, if this file isn't perfect, nothing in AutoWeb is going to work. Check out your call to dialog.ask. I bet you cribbed the code from an earlier page in the online docs (which was wrong!) and that's the problem. Otherwise, make sure every line ends with a semi-colon, that all strings are properly quoted. If this doesn't reveal the problem, print out your Config Script and start with a fresh copy of the one that's included in the StuffIt archive. (Hope you kept it around! -- Always a good idea...) Dave

From michel@netcom.com (Steve Michel), on 1/31/95

You should go back to some other mechanism for handling the Input and Output folders. Having to keep them inside the AutoWeb folder is kind of a nuisance. I'd just like to have a separate folder where I keep all the files for my site and be able to run AutoWeb on that folder. And, starting early next week I'm going to be managing someone else's site, so I will want a separate folder for that site.

Steve, all the folders can be aliases. So the content doesn't have to reside in the AutoWeb folder. Just put aliases to the folders you want the scripts to operate on in the AutoWeb folder. Re managing multiple sites from one desktop, that's cool. Gotta make that work smoothly. Unfortunately until I do it myself it's hard to figure out what the right solution is. Lucky for us, you're an expert Frontier script writer, so whatever you come up with is likely to work. Hope you share your thinking on this! Dave

From michel@netcom.com (Steve Michel), on 1/31/95

When building & rebuilding pages, then previewing in NetScape, I'm often running afoul of NetScape's caching. That is, when I choose the Preview option again, and navigate to see the page I changed, I often get the _last_ version that AutoWeb built: NetScape still has it in its cache. I don't really want to purge the NetScape cache because there might be some real stuff in there I want cached. Is there a way that a file can be marked so that NetScape sees that it's dirty? I seem to remember seeing something about that in NetScape docs somewhere...

Steve, I think the Reload button is what the Netscape folks want us to use. But sometimes, it doesn't work! The only solution is to clear the cache. I agree this isn't great. Sounds like the Nextscape guys have some digging to do. Dave

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