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MacHTTP Sysop Notes

MacHTTP Sysop Notes

If you're using AutoWeb to produce content that's going to be served using Biap Systems's MacHTTP server software, you won't need to upload the HTML files that AutoWeb produces.

It's more than a Frequently Asked Question, so we thought we'd break out a separate page for sysops who are running MacHTTP.

First, you can get information about MacHTTP from Biap's website.

It's about File Sharing...

Actually, these instructions apply to any server setup where the server machine's file system can be accessed thru your network using file sharing.

If this describes your setup, you can make the Output Folder an alias to the folder that's accessible on the net.

You'll never need to use the Anarchie scripts to upload files to your server, AutoWeb will do all the uploading automatically when you rebuild your Input Folder.

AutoWeb will automatically create an Upload Folder. Don't fight City Hall. Leave it around, it takes up very little space, even though the AutoWeb scripts will never need to use it.

Special Config Script Stuff

In the Config Script, you can leave the following fields empty: user.web.domain, user.web.account, user.web.password, user.web.httpDirectory, user.web.ftpDirectory. You can delete the lines from your Config Script, or comment them out by entering << at the beginning of each line.

You should add a line saying:

user.web.macServer = true;

The remaining information in the Config Script should be filled in according to the instructions in How to Install.

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