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How We Make $$$

How We Make $$$

This is the question everyone asks! How do we make money?

The license fee to operate a public website with these scripts is $100. All prices are in US dollars. Send email to dwiner@well.com when you're ready to go on the air. We'll check your site out, arrange for payment and send you a script that validates your site. With your permission, we'll include a pointer to your site from UserLand's site.

Little Script Editor is copyrighted but free. You can distribute it to anyone you work with. However, if you want to run scripts on your user's machines, the license fee for Frontier Runtime 3.0 is $35 per machine. Quantity discounts are available.

If you want to customize the scripts, you'll need the Frontier 3.0 scripting environment. It retails for $495. We have a special deal for AutoWeb users. Call us for details.

A lot of scripting is possible using Little Script Editor. If you're happy with this level of scripting, pay the $100 license fee for your site, a $35 fee for Frontier Runtime, and have fun! We will release sample scripts in LSE format. We'll also be adding docs for Frontier's built-in verbs to this website in the near future.

Check with UserLand Software at 1-800-845-1772. Say you heard about Frontier on the worldwide web.

Fair use of source code...

If you license Frontier 3.0, you'll be able to edit and modify the AutoWeb scripts. If you already have Frontier, check out the "New Frontier Stuff" sub-folder of the "Other Stuff" folder. All the new scripts are in that folder. We want you to have the source code because that's the idea behind scripting. One of the reasons we did AutoWeb was to increase the value of Frontier to Internet script writers.

However, there is one important limitation. You may not convert the source code to run in in another environment. We could have made this technically impossible by not releasing the source code. But we decided to take the high road, and hope that people will respect this limit. Thanks!

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