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Going to Esther's?

Wednesday, March 1, 1995 by Dave Winer.

Good afternoon!

Next week is the annual PC Forum conference in Tuscon, hosted by Esther Dyson, 511-3763@mcimail.com; and Jerry Michalski, spiff@panix.com.

I'm going! It'll be the first conference I've attended since starting DaveNet. Should be fun.

I want to try something different before going to this conference, it's an audience participation thing, so I hope, if you're going, that you'll participate.

First, I want to distribute a list of people attending, before we leave. So if you're going, please reply to this email message.

Second, it would be helpful to know what you want to accomplish at this conference. That way people will know, before-hand, if they need to talk to you, beyond the usual "how you doing?" courtesy schmooze.

So -- what do you want to learn about? Who do you want to meet? What do you have to sell? What do you need to buy?

If this works, I'll distribute the results on Friday, so if you get this after Friday, see you there!

Dave Winer

PS: I'm bringing my PowerBook with me. But no promises of a DaveNet piece from the show. I'm bringing my own schmoozing agenda with me. I hope to be busy!

PPS: Our website is moving. Note the new URL at the bottom of this message. When the move is completed I'll explain what we did.

PPPS: We're getting very close with the AutoWeb 1.0 beta. We're at version 1.0b6. Final candidate process starts soooon! I hope to lock down a totally feature-complete version before going to Tuscon, then see where the dust has settled when I get back.

PPPPS: Thanks to Aleksandar Totic, atotic@netscape.com, for showing us how to use Netscape 1.0N to get the source text of a web page. That eliminated the last known barrier to writing a "worm" script in Frontier. Steve Michel, michel@netcom.com, is working on the script I started back in December, the one that inspired my "A Week Without DaveNet" amusing rant.

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