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Esther's List

Friday, March 3, 1995 by Dave Winer.

Good morning!

Here's the mail I got in response to Going to Esther's?, which ran on 3/2/95.


spiff@panix.com (Jerry Michalski)

Pssst! The Forum's in Phoenix, not Tucson.

See you there!



KC@kpcb.com (Kevin Compton -- Kleiner Perkins)

I will be there (again). Looking for billion $$ winners. (to stay with the greedy VC theme Dave likes to pound on.....)

Kevin Compton


SteveC@aol.com (Steve Case -- America OnLine)

Yes, I will be attending.

I have no particular agenda, other than to see old friends and make new acquaintances (i.e. the standard schmooze).



mlevinthal@mayfield.com (Mike Levinthal -- Mayfield Fund)

Big Dave-yes I will there and look forward to seeing you there. I have enjoyed your email over that last several months-keep this up


nassi@apple.com (Ike Nassi -- Apple Computer)

I will NOT be going to Esther's this year.


Dan Farber <0003645972@mcimail.com>

See you there.


satkins@lindy.stanford.edu (Sally Atkins)

I am a subscriber but didn't sign up (yet!).

Is it Mon-Wed? Maybe I should.


BarryW854@aol.com (Barry Weinman -- venture capitalist)


I am NOT going because my ambition is not to accomplish anything and I am almost there and don't want to ruin it.



JKaplan@aol.com (Jerry Kaplan)

Dave, I will be there. Mainly to do a variety of business related to my new venture.


abay@microsoft.com (Anthony Bay)

I'm going....

Goals are general sense of who's doing what and what's interesting..

Also looking for potential "partnering" opportunities where applicable...


7284009@mcimail.com (Scott Briggs -- Ziff)

I'm going Dave. To your questions: I'm interested in the whole gamut of stuff being aimed at the home market, esp how the on-line services are going to play. And as for selling, we have had a phenomenal launch of our 2 newest magazines, Computer Life and Family PC - CL in particular is at 400,000 paid circulation after only 5 issues. Duplication with existing computer magazines is amazingly low. it's truly a new world out there and i hope to be sharing some of what we've learned about it with anyone who's interested.



0005777433@mcimail.com (Bobby Orbach)

Big Dave,

NO!!! I am not going to Esther's, it's too expensive,, although a good schmoozing element.

BTW, I think the conference is in Phoenix (not Tuscon)

have fun.... Bobby


rluebke@ensemble.com (Richard Luebke)

Dave - PC Forum is in Phoenix - be sure you go to the right city - it's a BIG state!




Stuart Gannes

I'll be at PC Forum. As usual, I have my list of people to meet. Also, listen to the speakers, also have fun.


Whoisylvia@aol.com (Sylvia Paull)


Have fun and we'll miss your challenging spirit at the CyberSalon this Saturday. I'd be interested in seeing the results of your pre-Esther's survey. I always assumed people went to Esther's to be seen and counted as one of the chosen chipheads. Do you think Philippe will attend? Esther always gives a good show, though, in terms of important new technologies.

Yours in spirit,



natg@netcom.com (Nat Goldhaber -- National Pacific Fund)

I'll be there (with bells?).

I want to talk about the economics of the NET, and intellectual property protection.


PS: If I can get a big enough gang together and the weather is OK, I will fly my plane down. Any takers??


Bob_Frankston@frankston.com (Microsoft)

See ya on Sunday. Aside from general curmudgeonity, I'm working on getting us to the point where we can assume connectivity to the Internet is the norm for PC's rather than a clunky exception.


kpcb!rmcnamee@uunet.uu.net (Roger McNamee)


I'm going to be a PC Forum. I have no agenda per se. I just want to spend a few days with the people who are trying to make it all happen.



dwiner@well.com (Dave Winer)

Yes I'm going!

I'm looking for an online service provider to partner with on a business opportunity that can generate substantial profits in 1995 and beyond for the right operator, one with a solid reputation for service and reliability. I supply the customers and content, you supply the bandwidth. We share the profits. See my Billions of Websites, 2/18/95, piece for details.

I'm also looking for new source material for more amusing rants.

I will try not to go to the microphone! (Yeah sure...)


PS: Dig we must! The UserLand@HotWired website ain't done, and there are some bugs to fix in AutoWeb. Thanks to Scott Lawton, ssl@prefab.com, website script writer, for his great bullet points! Still got some work to do on AutoWeb. This break is coming at a good time.

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