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Charlie Has a Dream Too

Friday, January 5, 1996 by Dave Winer.

Ho. Is it really already January 5? Where has the year gone? Ohhhh this one is going to be fun. All my dreams are coming true. As they say be careful what you ask for you might just get it. Amen! MacBird is flying. Alanis is singing and Aretha is waiting in the wings, getting ready to sing on Monday.

Everyone likes CDs with URLS Permalink to Everyone likes CDs with URLS

I got a lot of email from the DJ DaveNet WWW piece I ran earlier this week. People like the idea of including URLs on music CDs. A bunch of people didn't get that this *isn't* the flip case, where the website contains the music. I don't care for this approach as much. My proposal is to leave the music where it is, just add hooks to the new stuff into the old stuff.

My MacBird server got swamped Permalink to My MacBird server got swamped

If you were trying to connect to the MacBird web server yesterday, apologies -- my ISDN-based web server got totally swamped.

I've reorganized stuff and now my server is just doing the smart CGI-based stuff and the text and graphics are up on hotwired.com, further upstream, three steps closer to the backbone of the Internet, running on Unix boxes, proving that for now at least, my Mac-based setup isn't a world-class server system. Still digging.

People like MacBird! That's cooool. Sorry for the inconvenience, dig we must, and thank you very much for your interest! (And patience...) There are lots of very creative people doing great stuff with my bird, and they deserve your attention. There's nothing like this on the Internet.

Pinch me! Permalink to Pinch me!

I had another dream, like the one I reported in A Worldwide Trance, 8/27/95, the DaveNet piece where I wrote about the fantastic dream I had shortly after attending the Windows 95 rollout in Redmond last summer.

Once again I wrote about the dream, like all good shrinks ask you to do. Then I submitted it to "Upside" Magazine and they ran it. It'll be out on Monday, just in time for MacWorld Expo, which starts on Tuesday. Visit Booth #3482 for your own copy. It'll also appear in your mailbox as a DaveNet piece on Monday.

It's my favorite DaveNet ever. You're gonna love it. Stay tuned!

Superstars of Cyberspace Permalink to Superstars of Cyberspace

I'm on the Tuesday keynote stage at "MacWorld Expo", one of Steven Levy's Superstars of Cyberspace. If you want to see what I look like and I sound like, I promise to hum and float in real time. It's at 11:45 AM in the big ballroom at the SF Marriott.

Maybe I should demo MacBird? Hmmm. Clay Basket? Why not? Talk about my dream? Sure! Chuck Shotton is on the panel too. Chuck and I have a lot to talk about! Yeah. Right Chuck? Hmmm. Gotta love it.

I'm going to enjoy doing this panel.

Charlie has a dream too Permalink to Charlie has a dream too

Charlie Jackson, wiredcoach@aol.com, is an old friend from the early days of the Mac software business. He did SuperPaint and SuperCard, then sold out to Aldus for huge money. He retired from the software business to pursue his other passion -- building a great Olympic shooting team for the US. Along the way Charlie was the primary backer of Wired Magazine.

Now he's started FutureWave, http://www.futurewave.com/, a new software venture that holds a lot of promise for making the web a much faster place, dramatically lowering the bandwidth cost of graphics on websites. Everyone is going to love this idea, everyone from sysops to pre-teen web surfers. It's such a simple idea, I wonder why Netscape hasn't done something about this already. If Charlie and company can really deliver the technology, it's a no-brainer -- everyone is going to want this stuff.

So if you're at MacWorld Expo, check it out -- Booth #3779. And give Charlie a hearty handshake for me and thank him for caring enough to apply his huge creativity to the software world once again.

That's it for now! Permalink to That's it for now!

Gotta run.

I'm doing something very interesting today. C developers will find this interesting, especially ones who work on Windows or Unix who have a Mac nearby.

Who knows. Maybe the next hot web thing can come from the Mac community?

I'm going for It.

With any luck you'll be able to download it tomorrow. Watch your mailboxes tomorrow or Sunday, debugger-willing.

And don't forget on Monday, the biggest DaveNet piece ever.

Be there.

Let's have fun!


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