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Stalin Go Home!

Friday, February 2, 1996 by Dave Winer.

It's apt to confuse me Permalink to It's apt to confuse me

Last week -- Ch-Ch-Changes.

This week -- back from the land of negative energy.

"Demo 96".

People trying to explain why there's no reason to have bright eyes.

People who will have fun -- later. But this really means never.

People with locked necks, protecting against a fear they don't understand.

Dark forces are everywhere today.

But first a light-hearted excursion.

Let's have fun!

Hehho! Permalink to Hehho!

Try this experiment.

Replace all the consonants in your name with H's.

Hello, my name is Hahe Hiheh.

Bill Gates would be Hihh Haheh.

We're almost brothers!

Bill's friend "Ann Winblad" would be Ahh Hihhhah!

Relief and a giggle!


A Hawaiian volcano -- Microsoft Windows -- Hihhohohh Hihhohh.

Bill Clinton, the soon-ex-president of the US -- Hihh Hhihhoh!

Hey get the fuck off my net Bill!


Bill Clinton could be the "Stalin" of the Internet.

Maybe he *will* go down in history.


What a loser.

When an o becomes a 0 Permalink to When an o becomes a 0

Another game. Change every O to a zero.

If you click on cool, you'd get c00l.

Hey -- it's a hex number! 0xc00l. Yeah!

Or if you add a B it's an old programming language.


Humor on the Internet Permalink to Humor on the Internet

I've tried to do my part to add to the positive vibes on the Internet.

Others like to add negative vibes.

Usually it just bounces off my armor.

Demo 96 was an Internet show.

Lots of negative vibes.

It left me feeling worried.

It also left a puddle at my feet.

A foul-smelling puddle!

I didn't like the smell.


By the dawn's early light Permalink to By the dawn's early light

In a way I welcome the news about the US Congress shutting down free speech on the net because it means that I don't have to write about the fear-driven strategy that Microsoft is attacking the net with.

It became much more evident how huge Microsoft's net-attack is going to be at the Demo 96 conference.

I remarked to a friend -- the net doesn't need to be attacked! Hey we're peaceful souls here, give or take a good flame. We don't need nuclear weapons.

Stalin go home! Permalink to Stalin go home!

"David Coursey" prancing.

I asked David, our host, if he was having fun.

He said he'd have fun when the show was over.

And that's the problem with this world!

Let's have fun -- later!

Are Bill and his buddy Bill having fun?

Nahh. Both are trying to get re-elected. Keep the net safe for Bill Clinton the paranoid fear-driven bible thumping hypocrite. And keep it safe for Bill Gates who wants to rise above the legend of Ken Olson. Bill and Bill. Stalin and the attack machine. They play golf together. And we pick up the tab.

Microsoft throws everything at the Net Permalink to Microsoft throws everything at the Net

I think Microsoft views the Net as a problem.

They're throwing everything they have at the Net.

Microsoft Office 97 is going to generate $3 billion in revenue.

They're going to lose that money.

The cause?

Encircling and destroying Netscape.


I don't like this Permalink to I don't like this

Does the Internet need to be destroyed? NO!

It's a lovely flower. It's an optimistic thing. Remember web energy. We like to play with each other. We're young again.

Oh I hate what the personal computer software industry has become. And I hate what the US government has become.

As I've written before I admire the spirit of Microsoft. But enough is enough. We don't need them to destroy Netscape. We want to have fun. I wish Microsoft could make an exception in this case, not attack, and kick back and enjoy the larger sales of Encarta and Flight Simulator that increased computer usage of the net is certain to cause.

Good morning? Permalink to Good morning?

Good morning!

Or is it?


Check out Brent Schlender's excellent piece on Apple in new issue of Fortune Magazine.

I'm shifting on my belief that Apple can be saved. It isn't because the Macintosh platform is finished. I don't believe it is. I've tried to insist that Apple and Macintosh are different things. But at the end of the day, Apple owns the Macintosh.

And if Apple is finished, then it seems like the Macintosh can't be far behind.

Apple is finished.

Even "Guy Kawasaki" says Apple has to start over.

Schlender reports that Apple has been for sale for many years. The focus of Apple management has been grooming the company for acquisition. Totally disgusting! It hasn't worked. It wasn't what we wanted them to do. We wanted them to make better and faster computers, to fix their bugs, so we could do great stuff. The platform drifts aimlessly. Now it makes sense! It's no wonder that there was no reaction to Windows.

They were busy trying to go out of business.

Sometimes you get what you ask for.

What a silly demise! One bad quarter. $1 billion in cash. Millions of users. Business problems, yes. So what? There are enough good people to make it go. Spindler and Markkula and the Apple Board -- get out of the way. We have stuff to do. You're tired and confused. It's OK. Now, get the fuck out of the way.

The mistake. Apple was and probably still is a leader. Instead of struggling to be acquired, they should have been doing the acquiring.

I refuse to give any more advice to Apple's management. I'll wait until someone shows up who's ready to go the long haul.

Knock knock. Anyone home? We're waiting.

Abortion and Respect Permalink to Abortion and Respect

As a pro-choice advocate, I believe there's no black-and-white even among those who have made their minds up.

I see the logic in the anti-abortion side. Hey, I'm anti-abortion too! It's a gut-wrenching thing. Women's bodies and baby's lives. I don't *know* what's right. So I say let people chose for themselves.

Anyone who thinks they know what's right hasn't thought this thing thru. It's totally necessary to keep the channels open. "Bill Clinton", if he signs this bill, is going to have to answer to all reasonable people.

I think all reasonable people wish there would be no abortions. And reasonable people know about respect. You don't make a problem go away by telling people to shut up. It's disrespectful. And it's un-American.

If the world makes sense, if the truth comes out, and people really think about it, Clinton will lose his job over this.

Oh it's a negative energy day! Permalink to Oh it's a negative energy day!

When it rains it pours.

There's a lot to be angry about.

So be angry today.

Spam your favorite congressperson.

Here's how.


Otherwise, you get what you deserve.


Hahe Hiheh

PS: Hooooooooooooh!

PPS: Just in: Apple has a new chairman and CEO, a former board member and semiconductor guy.

PPPS: Just heard: a large investment banking firm is putting together a deal that would merge Netscape and "America OnLine". Very interesting idea!

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