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New Date - 2/22/96

Monday, February 12, 1996 by Dave Winer.

Rob Glaser, robg@prognet.com, was the first to question the choice of 2/12/96 for the 24 Hours of Democracy project.

He said: "I think this is a very good idea overall. But I think it is unnecessarily (insanely?) ambitious to try to pull it off on Wednesday."

Many more emails like that followed.

As the day progressed, I realized that while I'm itching to get the ball rolling, it's taking longer than I thought it would for the pieces to come together.

So we're pushing the date back.

February 22, 1996 Permalink to February 22, 1996

The start time will be: 12:01AM, Pacific, 2/22/96.

The end time will be: 11:59PM, Pacific, 2/22/96.

February 22 is George Washington's Birthday. A national holiday in the United States. It's a bank holiday. The post office is closed.

We celebrate the birth of our founding father. The leader in our war for independence. He was the first president of the United States. The man who, according to legend, could not tell a lie.

So -- instead of writing a love letter to the Internet, tell the truth about democracy. The founding principles of the United States. The Declaration of Independence. The Constitution. The Bill of Rights.

How would "George Washington" feel about the Internet?

And even though 2/22/96 is not Valentine's Day, if you want to write a love letter to the Internet, that's probably OK too!

Stay tuned to for news on sponsorship, press information, free web posting via email, clip art, and information about how you can contribute to the success of 24 Hours of Democracy.


Dave Winer

PS: Remember "Abraham Lincoln", whose birthday is today, and remember slavery, the Civil War, and then freedom. Can it happen here? It did!

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