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Web Energy Rules!

Tuesday, February 13, 1996 by Dave Winer.

Anyway, on 1/26/96 I wrote about Web Energy and how coool it is.

Here's evidence!

A few days ago I asked Marc Andreessen to leave Netscape's home page black for at least a few more days.

Here's what he said: "I think we're keeping it up indefinitely."

Very cool!

A few minutes ago I got this email from Bud Colligan, CEO of "Macromedia", "After reading your rant yesterday about commercial marketing sites not participating in the 'black-out', Macromedia's site went black today. Thanks for the nudge."

This is very good news!

Thanks Marc and Bud. And thanks to the people at Netscape and Macromedia for making this happen.

I believe that everyone who has an investment in the future of the Internet, stockholders, product developers, writers, all levels of employees, young and old -- they all have a stake in freedom.

Because freedom is the essential fuel that's driving the growth and optimism in the web and high-tech worlds.


Dave Winer

PS: A reminder, 24 Hours of Democracy has been moved back to 2/22/96, in part to give companies like Macromedia a chance to evaluate the idea and decide how they want to be involved.

PPS: I'm working with America OnLine as the official mail and database server for the 24 Hours project. Lots of graphics and human interest stories are appearing on the website, almost on an hourly basis. I still need to make contact with people who run web search engines. If you know anyone at Lycos, Yahoo, Alta Vista, or Excite, please forward them a copy of this email, with a pointer to the 24 Hours of Democracy site.

PPPS: We also still need a web-present PR firm in the loop on this. Thanks!

PPPPS: I'm psyched! This thing is really happening. Cooooool!

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