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Sept 30 in SF

Thursday, August 28, 1997 by Dave Winer.

I haven't been counting but it seems like I've done five live DaveNet group things, in New York, San Francisco, Detroit, San Jose and Boston.

San Francisco is always a good place to do a live show. Most of my friends live in the Bay Area. So do many of the leaders of the software world, and the journalists who cover them.

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The next DaveNet live show will be at the Seybold Conference in San Francisco on September 30 at 7:30PM. It's free, open to the public.

It'll be in a moderate sized room at Moscone. I'll have a wireless hand-held mike. I'll walk around and we'll talk. Other people will hear what we say. They'll have ideas. Then I'll go over there and let them speak to everyone. People will get enthusiastic (trust me!) and will say what they really think.

Occasionally I'll move to the front of the room and talk on a topic I care about for a few minutes. This is where it's like the email and web versions of DaveNet. I actually can speak in fairly finished prose. Sometimes I wonder if this is a blessing or not! But in this context it works. I like it because there's no second guessing possible in this mode. When I write a DaveNet piece I edit and edit endlessly. When I'm speaking it can't be that way.

There won't be any microphones in the aisle. I hate that setup. Stand in line. While I wait, get nervous, edit and re-edit what I'm going to say in my head. When it's finally my turn, all the spontaneity is lost, my voice shakes, I lack conviction. I'm in my head and my fear. It's not fun.

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A fond memory -- the Can Apple Survive? discussion I ran at Seybold in New York in April. We're talking about operating systems.

In the middle of the room, David Biedny, idig@nbn.com, lights up. His hand waves. "Ooooh ooh," he says, out loud.

Quickly I raise my right hand over my head. My index finger extends as my arm comes down and points. My voice booms "David Biedny!"

He says "It's the apps!" Instantly the audience focuses on a new direction until someone else gets inspired. That's how it flows.

My goal is to wake people up. My job, in these settings, is to capture inspiration and distribute it. You can't sleep thru one of these sessions.

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We'll avoid 'Boy Kills Boy' themes. Let's talk about things we like, things we want or dream of. Everyone can win.

There will be celebrities there. If I know who they are I'll point them out.

The Seybold show tends to focus on Apple's woes. Let's look for bright topics. There's always hope! Even so we'll talk about what people want to talk about, and if Apple is frontmost in late September, we'll talk about it.

I've always wanted to incorporate music into a DaveNet Live event, maybe this time we'll pull it off.

Let's have fun!

Opportunities Permalink to Opportunities

Since it's Seybold and it's about publishing, let's talk big picture about where websites are going. Check out my LineTo MoveTo piece from June for some ideas.

I'm into large frequently changing websites run by small groups of entrepreneurial writers, editors, designers and geeks.

I believe the opportunities for people who can write for the web are as great in 1997 as the opportunities for PC software developers were ten years ago.

Action items Permalink to Action items

I ask you to do three things today...

If you can be in San Francisco on Tuesday, September 30, please mark your calendar, 7:30PM, Moscone, DaveNet Live.

If you plan to come, please send an email to dave@scripting.com.

What would you like to discuss?


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