standingHorse Picture Upgrading to Frontier 4.2
Gotta have it! Here's how...

  1. Are you running 4.0? If you haven't upgraded to Frontier 4.1, you must do so now. See the Fronter 4.1 Upgrade page for instructions. If you don't have Frontier, or wish to start with a clean release, it's easy -- visit the Frontier 4.2 Download Page.

  2. Download the 4.2 upgrade package. Debinhex and unstuff the archive. You will continue to use the Frontier 4.1 application. Frontier 4.2 is a root-only upgrade. Having trouble downloading? Check out the mirror sites page.

  3. Run the Installer script. First, make a backup copy of the Frontier.root file. Then double-click on the Installer script. If there's an error, quit Frontier; in the Finder do a Get Info on the Frontier app. Give it more memory. Launch Frontier. Run the Installer script again.

  4. Open the 'Extras' folder. Install the new versions of the Open and Web menus by double-clicking on the icons. Double-click on system.menubars.MACS to install the new version of the Finder's Scripts menu. There are important new features in each of these menus. It's important to be in synch with the rest of the people using Frontier. However, upgrading menus is *always* optional.

  5. Download the Online Docs folder. Debinhex and unstuff the archive. Move folder into your Frontier folder. It's a mirror of the Frontier website.

  6. Stay in Touch. We're porting Frontier. Planning for growth. Please watch the News & Updates page. Use the Frontier Mailing Lists to ask questions and solve problems.

  7. See New Features in Frontier 4.2 for an explanation of the new features.

standingHorse Picture Thanks to the Frontier-talk List!
We're still diggin!