Yes, software dev is in a sad state
Tuesday, January 12, 2016 by Dave Winer

Yes, as Drew the Developer says, web development is in a sad state

I am up to date on JavaScript, mostly -- but I don't use any frameworks. I use Node.js. I accept its weirdnesses. I am happy with the results. You are reading a site right now that's managed by Node.js.

But he's right there's far too much investment in overhead, and ripping up and starting over. Even if you're not technical, you can read his piece, you can get the idea, feel his rage -- and it's real. I feel it too. We can not afford all the retooling, because we're so driven to create new functionality for users. If you only want to build more frameworks, you should just get out of the way. 

Our mission is to provide intellectual tools so humanity can save itself.

It is not our mission to build castles that have no use only to tear them down in a year and start over. 

There's no time to waste. Our technology plays a role in the rebooting of humanity. We have work to do.

PS: Follow-up post about the great state and more. 

  • The link doesn't work for me: "The author deleted this Medium story"

    • Yup he deleted it. Wish he'd bring it back. It was an important piece. Got a lot of stuff to pop to the surface. We have to learn to ignore the trolls. Me too. ;-)