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First blogger at Davos
By Dave Winer on Friday, January 22, 2010 at 9:10 PM.

A picture named harder.gifThe World Economic Forum, the organization that puts on the annual conference at Davos, has published a 40-year history of the event.  permalink

On page 200, under Social Media at the Forum, my longtime friend Lance Knobel is credited with establishing the first WEF blog, in 1999, Davos Newbies.  permalink

Just after that it says, in "2000, Dave Winer, founder and CEO, UserLand Software Inc, became the first blogger invited to attend the Annual Meeting."  permalink

Of course that's not quite accurate -- Lance was also there that year, so it's a distinction we share. permalink

Here's a Google query that returns my reports before, during and after Davos.  permalink

My favorite picture, and there were many good ones, was of the lunch on the last day, halfway up one of the mountains that surround the town of Davos. And yes, I am wearing a jacket and tie! No kidding.  permalink

Bottom-line: It's nice to be remembered! Thanks! <img src="> permalink

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