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Twitter-killing follow-up
By Dave Winer on Tuesday, February 09, 2010 at 7:42 AM.

Yesterday's piece started quite a discussion, and for the most part people agree that it's time for some new stuff in TwitterLand. That tells you that it's not only time, it's past time.  permalink

In the past, there would have been a lot of comments about how the limits of Twitter are what make it so perfect. If you still believe that, watch this NSFW puppet "interview" with "Walt Mossberg" and "Steve Jobs." It's hilarious, and shows how the tech industry falls for what puppet Steve calls "an obvious crock of shit." <img src="> permalink


Anyway... permalink

There's more to producing a Twitter-killer than just adding features that Twitter doesn't have. permalink

It has to be a Twitter clone. It has to look and feel like Twitter would, with some or all of these enhancements. Plus, it should also have the ability to post to Twitter and include Twitter content, in other words it should also be a Twitter client. At Microsoft they called this Embrace and Extend. permalink

And one more thing. No Suggested Users List. permalink

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