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Is Manhattan exempt from snowstorms?
By Dave Winer on Tuesday, February 09, 2010 at 8:28 AM.

Okay this time they say there really is a snowstorm headed for NYC. permalink

And I'm nestled in my West Village apartment, with almost no food in the fridge, thinking -- "What does this mean to me?" permalink

Last time I was caught in a snowstorm was in Cambridge, MA. I was staying at the luxurious Charles Hotel, after participating in a conference about the future of news put on by Shorenstein Center. I didn't worry about food, I assumed the hotel would take care of it, and I wasn't disappointed. A group of delayed conference-goers ventured into the snow, across the street to the now-defunct Bombay Club restaurant, a favorite, and had a long snowy Indian lunch talking politics and press.  permalink

Today, my neighborhood is filled with 24-hour everything. Restaurants, book stores, coffee places. There's a subway station a couple of blocks away, a relatively easy trudge in even the stiffest wind. So I could go eat at the food court under Grand Central Station. No problemmo. permalink

Or... Should I line up at D'Agostino's and fill my cupboards with comfort food? permalink

I think I'll just go about my business and take my chances. <img src="> permalink

PS: I've decided I'm at my best when I'm a newbie. permalink

PPS: Tasks for today: Get on the NYU network. Meet with Josh Young to talk about a NYC media-hacker roundtable. permalink

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