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Installing Snow Leopard on a headless Mac Mini
By Dave Winer on Friday, March 12, 2010 at 4:11 PM.

A picture named macMini.jpgI bought a Canon scanner to use with my MacBook Pro 13-inch laptop, but it just doesn't work. Once in a while it produces a scan, but most of the time, the drivers say they can't find a scanner attached to the computer.  permalink

I've been advised this may be because the device is powered through USB, and there isn't reliable power coming through USB so the scanner doesn't power up. permalink

It first I thought I was out of luck cause I don't have a desktop at the NY apartment, but then I realized I do have a Mac Mini. So I tried installing the drivers on that computer, but was told they require Snow Leopard. Okay but the Snow Leopard disk is back in Calif. So I spent $25 to get another copy of the OS, and tried to install it on the Mac Mini, but... permalink

Well first, it's a headless Mac Mini. No monitor, no keyboard, no mouse. So when the computer rebooted it never showed up on the LAN. So I plugged in a keyboard and mouse and the disk starts whirring again, the installation continues, but eventually the disk stopped whirring and the computer still doesn't show up on the LAN. permalink

After waiting an hour I recycled the power, but the computer still doesn't show up on the LAN. permalink

That's where I am now. Anyone with experience installing Snow Leopard on a headless Mac Mini? Help! If this works I'll put in an order for an iPad today. <img src="> permalink

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