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In a moment of insanity
By Dave Winer on Sunday, March 14, 2010 at 7:42 AM.

A picture named ipad.jpgI take the Fifth. permalink

I plead temporary insanity. permalink

Nolo contendere. permalink

I threw reason out the window. permalink

I felt smug for some reason. permalink

And I was feeling jealous of all the people who, on April 3, would have their iPad. And I won't. permalink

So, after reading that Andrew Baron ordered one with his winnings on AAPL stock, I figured I could do it too. So I sucked my gut and pressed Submit. permalink

Now I have one of these things, whatever the frack it is, on its way to me in just a couple of weeks. permalink

At least I'll be able to watch Fargo on it. permalink

PS: I am totally out of my mind. permalink

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