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The lesson of Ikea
By Dave Winer on Sunday, March 14, 2010 at 7:27 AM.

A picture named couch.jpgEvery few years I almost get snookered into making a major furniture purchase at Ikea. Then I come to my senses.  permalink

First, what Ikea is good for -- the little chotchkas you need to get a house started. Dishrags. Flatware. They have a starter box with a few pots and pans, measuring cups, a spatula, scissors, cheese grater. A hundred little things that if bought separately would cost $500, but they charge about $100. And you don't have to think of everything. A shower curtain. Cheap drapes.  permalink

But when you buy things that require assembly, that's when I get in trouble. And it's even worse if you have to make a dozen choices before getting your order number. That's when you have to deal with Ikea sales people.  permalink

Some of them are really nice, I imagine, but I always get the mean mofos.  permalink

You know how we have unconferences? These are unsalespeople. permalink

I really appreciate them, because they save me from having to deal with the assembly contractors and delivery people. Their function is to kick the people out of the system who have low tolerance for Ikea. For that, they are a blessing. permalink

So I buy real furniture. And I pay more for it. But the sales people treat me like a customer, and the delivery people actually bring the stuff into your house and set it up. When you're a kid I guess you have DIY this stuff. But when you get to be an adult, you should pay to have it done for you.  permalink

That is, imho, the lesson of Ikea. permalink

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