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ScanSnap first look
By Dave Winer on Tuesday, March 23, 2010 at 9:46 AM.

On Wednesday last week I wrote about a scanner I heard about, wondering if a scanner could really be that good. Later that day I ordered one from Amazon. permalink

UPS lost track of it, saying it was on the truck for delivery for five days. This morning a battered package arrived, after Amazon arranged to ship a replacement. So now I'm going to have to deal with returning it after it arrives. Not a big deal. I wish Amazon could just cancel the shipment, but apparently that's not possible. permalink

Anyway, finally I'm getting a chance to test this impulse purchase. <img src="> permalink

Here's a picture of the device.  permalink

A picture named scanSnap2.jpg permalink

It's hard to explain how small it is. It's very very small. You can easily hold it in one hand. I put it next to a can of Dr. Pepper so you could see just how small it is. permalink

A movie that demos how the scanner works: permalink


Here's the PDF that was generated by the scan in the demo above. permalink

One thing that might not be clear in the demo is that it scanned both sides of the letter. permalink

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