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Learn from quarterbacks
By Dave Winer on Sunday, March 28, 2010 at 3:57 PM.

A picture named touchdown.gifA picture named touchdownMirror.gifNick Bergus transcribed a bit from Rebooting the News #44.  permalink

I said this to Jay about the execs in the news industry. permalink

"It's like in football. When the quarterback gets the ball, the quarterback always turns back and runs a few yards back before even thinking about passing the ball. And you think, 'Why is the quarterback doing that? He's giving up yardage. I mean, he's running the wrong way.' Well he does it to find some little bit of room so he can see what's out there. So, in the news industry, they're never willing to do that. They're always standing right at the scrimmage line, not budging an inch. And of course what happens -- they get tackled every goddamn time and they can never throw the ball." permalink

Yup. permalink

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