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Booting up Hypercamp in NYC
By Dave Winer on Saturday, May 01, 2010 at 7:31 AM.

I've wanted to try doing a hypercamp for a long time, and it seems we'll likely do it in NY as an outgrowth of the Thursday evening meetups we're having at NYU.  permalink

A picture named 87587076_c9af7fc98b_m.jpg permalink

I've written about Hypercamp many times, so I'll just provide a bit of context here, for background, you can read the previous writeups. permalink

If I hadn't been traveling extensively in the beginning of April we would have done one around the iPad shipment.  permalink

It's another attempt to reboot conferences, this time both with format and content. The assumption is that a meaningful event has happened, it's very fresh, and there's diverging opinion among experts. The minute-by-minute "breaking news" period is over, but there's still a lot of data that most experts don't have, that needs to be shared. permalink

It's also meant to replace press conferences and fill-in for the newsrooms that bloggers don't have. Eventually the Hypercamp is a permanent fixture, and sources and reporters, whether they're pro or amateur, gather regularly to share information and viewpoints. Because the facility is wired for Internet and video it also replaces CNN as the go-to place when news is breaking. permalink

The Hypercamp in NYC would likely server the media industry, fashion and finance. The Hypercamp in DC would focus on government, the one in SF on tech, etc etc.  permalink

I hear that out in Calif Jay is talking about rebooting news at a journalism conference at Stanford. This piece fits right into that.  permalink

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