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Moving target APIs
By Dave Winer on Friday, May 07, 2010 at 11:34 AM.

A picture named target.gifI'm working on glue to connect to a new web app that I really like and want to try developing for. But they're already warning me that they are planning to change things about their OAuth implementation. This is happening before I have any investment in the platform.  permalink

That's what's wrong with corporate platforms. And no I don't want to say which one it is because I like the company and the product. It's the process that I don't like. permalink

As a developer, writing glue to connect to an app is entirely overhead. While I'm doing this work I'm not producing a single feature that a user cares about, and therefore I don't care about it. permalink

Getting on board one of these corporate APIs is usually a bad idea, because eventually someone inside the company decides it's a (believe it or not) good idea to break apps and guess what -- the apps start breaking! :-( permalink

Watch, you'll see, some idiot developer will point out in the comments that it's good to break developers. They won't have even read the post so they won't know I'm already laughing about how stupid this whole thing is. permalink

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