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Making stories beautiful, day 2
By Dave Winer on Sunday, May 23, 2010 at 3:51 AM.

A picture named disneyPad.gifI'm doing more light work on the Scripting News story template. permalink

The goal -- to make it look better on an iPad.  permalink

I use my iPad to read. Apple has also been taking some hits from Google lately, and amazingly (to me) I'm starting to feel some sympathy for them. I wish tech companies would realize that a small minority of users like the kind of bashing they do. Pretty sure that most of us would prefer to leave the zealotry out of it. It might be like American politics, with the fringe elements, "the base," getting lobbied by incendiary pitches, while the majority who are independent switch from product to product, or maybe use more than one. Reporters like bashing too, makes their jobs easier. permalink

That was something we learned in the old days on the Mac, in the wars between Quark and Aldus. Most professional graphics people used both products. Each had their strengths.  permalink

Similarly, I will surely get a Google tablet when it comes out. I'm so interested in this area, I have to be among the first to know what it's like. But the bluster seems so incredibly off-topic. These are just computers, they're not religious causes. At least not to me. permalink

Anyway -- I'm mostly writing this story because I need something to test against the new style sheet. <img src="> permalink

PS: Sometimes it seems there are only two Silicon Valley tech companies: The one formed from the ashes of Sun and Netscape (which is today's Google), and Apple.  permalink

PPS: I'm running the new Android release, 2.2, on my Nexus One. I'll be looking for new features on the train trip to DC later today. permalink

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