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By Dave Winer on Monday, June 14, 2010 at 6:30 PM.

A picture named joker.gifJay wrote a blog post this evening whose title is a lyric from an old Stealer's Wheel song. Got me humming and it eventually became the title of this post. "Only steal from the best!" permalink

It was revived by Reservoir Dogs, a great Tarantino movie. permalink

I'm getting a lot of inquiries about sub-text in Scripting2. People still seem to love it, but they want to know how it will work with RSS apps like NetNewsWire, River2 and the omnibus Google Reader. (I first wrote ominous, for its sheer dominance, but then thought they probably don't feel dominant, just like they're carrying all kinds of passengers.) I don't have the source code to the other apps, and River2 is not a full-text affair (I strip markup and cut the text off at 250 characters, based on its design as a skimmer rather than a reader). But we should get on the road to making it possible for reader apps to do something nice with the collapsed sub-text. permalink

So, today I did two things that should help, but probably aren't the last word in publishing the material that backs up a Scripting2 post.  permalink

1. There's now a <link> element at the top of each story that points to the OPML source for the story. View Source in the browser to see it. permalink

Note that Scripting2 is only managing my writing starting at the beginning of 2010, so if I say anything about all stories, it really means all stories starting at the beginning of 2010. permalink

<link rel="alternate" type="application/opml+xml" title="source" href="" />  permalink

2. There's a link to the OPML source in the RSS feed. It's in a new namespace called scripting2. permalink

<scripting2:source></scripting2:source> permalink

These are probably not the last word in linkage to the full source behind my blog posts, and if there's little or no uptake, I'm not guaranteeing I'll support them for perpetuity. If you use them -- please let me know, preferably in a public comment or post, so others can see.  permalink

Onward! permalink

PS: For good measure, there's also a link to the blogroll in the HTML source, per a request from the illustrious Matt Terenzio. <img src="> permalink

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