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A post about development
By Dave Winer on Friday, June 25, 2010 at 4:58 PM.

I'm working on the feature that allows posts to be excluded from the chronology of the blog. So this piece will at first appear in the chronology, but then will be eliminated. permalink

The first part of the project is to write a new wrapper for mainresponder.calendar.visitreversechronologic. It will do the usual thing, but skip posts that have a boolean sub-element named flNotInChronology whose value is true. Then we replace calls to the mainresponder routine with calls to that one.  permalink

The only problem is with code that calls the mainresponder routine with the optional flDayLevel boolean set true. In those cases the loops that are in the routines they call must be aware of the flNotInChronology boolean. permalink

scripting2Suite.server.buildEverything -- Turns out neither of the calls need to be changed. the first deletes textCache elements, and those should be deleted, regardless of whether a story is in the chronology. The second is a day-level visit for building the day pages. permalink

scripting2Suite.server.buildHomePage -- done. permalink

scripting2Suite.server.buildRecentStories -- done. permalink

scripting2Suite.server.buildRss -- done. permalink

scripting2Suite.server.buildThisMonthsStories -- done. permalink

scripting2Suite.server.savePost -- done. permalink

scripting2Suite.server.buildDayPage is one of the special routines with loops that must be made aware of the boolean. permalink

There are going to be other problems. When a story is removed from the chronology it will have to be unlinked from the next/prev chain. permalink

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