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I'm becoming a hot weather dude
By Dave Winer on Friday, June 25, 2010 at 4:26 PM.

A picture named leinies.jpgBack when I lived in Calif, when I'd come to NYC in the summer I'd be incredibly uncomfortable. I'd wonder how anyone could live here in the summer. I'd stay inside in the air conditioning all the time, and only go out when it was absolutely necessary. permalink

Then, this year, as summer approached (me, a NY resident), I feared I'd be incredibly uncomfortable as the temperature rose. But a funny thing happened. It was as if I was the frog in the slowly simmering pot of water. I barely noticed it was beginning to boil. Sure it was hot. Sure I was sweating. Some days I'd come close to fainting in the heat. But what the fuck, that's the way it is. Not a big deal. permalink

Then I went to Berkeley last week and froze my ass.  permalink

I stayed near the water, and went walking on the shore of San Francisco Bay. You'd think -- how nice -- a cool breeze. No way. It was frigid! permalink

Now I'm back in NYC. High in the mid-upper 80s today. permalink

Nice weather! <img src="> permalink

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