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Look no hands! :-)
By Dave Winer on Saturday, June 26, 2010 at 5:46 AM.

A picture named magic.gifThis is the obligatory post after I made my last post of the day yesterday disappear.  permalink

It's not magic, or sleight of hand -- it's a new Scripting2 feature. Posts that are not part of the chronology.  permalink

Over the years I've made various tools that create web documents in the OPML Editor. They never turn out to be as powerful as the blogging tools I develop, because that's where I focus my efforts. So I figured to get the best web document editing tool, I should just be able to use the blogging tool to make "standalone" documents. For change notes pages, and howtos, etc. permalink

If you see this but not the post about development, then it worked. <img src="> permalink

Places to look include: the RSS feed, the monthly archive page, the archive page for June 25, the home page. permalink

One thing that's now broken by this -- the next/prev links. They don't know they should skip the pages that aren't in the chronology. At least I think they don't. permalink

Actually it's only broken if you remove the page from the chronology after adding another post after it. If you don't do that, nothing bad happens.  permalink

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