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It's no longer just my baby
By Dave Winer on Monday, June 28, 2010 at 7:27 PM.

A picture named fresca.gifScripting2 took a big step today -- it got its second user.  permalink

And tomorrow it gets a third. permalink

I'm starting with people who are regulars at the Thursday evening group at NYU. Rather than boot up through a mail list, I want to try booting up with people I see regularly face to face. Last time I did that was with employees of Living Videotext, and the product was MORE. It was both a long time ago, and a spectacularly successful product. Part of the reason it was so successful was the excellent communication with early users, with people who really cared about the product.  permalink

Scripting2 is a remote descendant of MORE. Both are outliners. Both are publishing tools. But Scripting2 is a networking tool and built inside its own programming language and database, with a deep runtime environment. MORE was a Mac app in the early days of Mac apps (the 80s). permalink

Anyway, some of the next steps: permalink

1. Get the Bookmarks menu working with Scripting2 stories. (Also write a post explaining how to activate the Bookmarks menu.) permalink

2. Fix a bug with the Blogroll button. The buttons on the windows don't appear the first time you click. permalink

3. Establish an updates process with the first users. permalink

4. Crib the link bookmarklet from LifeLiner. permalink

5. Window types so Cmd-S work properly. permalink

6. Proper changes page. permalink

7. Set up the AWS AMI. permalink

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