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Why I sometimes work openly
By Dave Winer on Monday, June 28, 2010 at 9:46 AM.

A picture named skittles.gifI don't always do my development work out in the open as I have been with the new version of my blogging software. I do it when I want to provide opportunities for people to build on what I'm doing.  permalink

For example, if you do a View Source on this article you'll see a bunch of <link> elements in the head section of the document. They point at the source doe for the page, the RSS feed for the site, the RSS feed for the live/link-blog, the OPML source for the blogroll. There may be other things linked in there in teh future. permalink

I've also received proposals for the inclusion of other metadata in there and I'm probably going to pick up on some of those. Especially when I already ahve the data around. permalink

What I'm interested in are: 1. Alternate renderings of the content and 2. Various kinds of syndication, including the ever-elusive loosely-coupled 140-character network.  permalink

So when you see me do something like add a new live feed to my blog, it's probably because I want other people to pick up on it, or at least to have it stimulate their thinking. permalink

In a world where people are too chicken to be the egg, I want to be both the chicken and the egg. That's how you get things like blogging, RSS and podcasting off the ground. <img src="> permalink

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