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The joy of a new computer
By Dave Winer on Monday, July 05, 2010 at 10:35 AM.

I bought myself a new top-of-the-line iMac. permalink

The old one was getting really old. Lots of things were breaking that would cost a lot of money to fix when you add them all up. The computer still works, but the peripherals weren't. permalink

Anyway, I decided I deserved a computer that really worked, so I went for the best iMac they sell, and it came within 24 hours, and I've been using it for 24 hours. All I can say is WOW. permalink

First, the display is beautiful. The colors are true. White really is white. It's white the way the headlights on my BMW are white. Like a crisp new white shirt or a brand-new T-shirt. White-white.  permalink

And man this thing is fast.  permalink

I don't remember getting this kind of performance boost since the days when the PC was going through its upgrades in the 1980s. Macs never seem to get that kind of a lift, until now.  permalink

This thing flies. permalink

Just to prove it, running the Intel version of the OPML Editor, I wrote a script that's just a tight loop, adding N to an accumulator. It ran a million loops in two seconds. That's interpreted code! permalink

Just want to say -- it's a wonderful thing to be able to use a little money to buy some happiness.  permalink

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