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Re-approaching N-level hierarchy
By Dave Winer on Tuesday, July 06, 2010 at 4:51 AM.

Last night I tried something daring, it didn't work, so as it got late -- I backed off. permalink

Then, overnight, a reader, Daniel Kurejwowski, posted a carefully written analysis. It looked promising, so now I want to give it another try. So that's what I'm doing. permalink

How I'm approaching it permalink

First, re-add the recursion to scripting2Suite.server.buildStoryPage. done permalink

However, because I haven't made the stylesheet changes he recommends, the text isn't indenting properly. permalink

Second, I made the stylesheet changes... permalink

It worked -- fantastic! permalink

I love the way he did the instructions, I just followed them step by step and voila, it worked. permalink

The good thing is that to make the changes I just edited the stylesheet, which is something every user of Scripting2 will be able to do. My job is to make sure the HTML elements have the right classes on them so people like Daniel can take over. permalink

Next steps permalink

Look at the home page. You'll see that it uses the same stylesheet. Now, some of the things its doing to get indentation are redundant, there's too much indenting going on. I'm going to see if I can figure out what to do, but I'm inclined to wait until other people take a look. permalink

Actually there's too much indentation happening here. If an item doesn't have any subs there's no need to leave horizontal space for the + or - icon. permalink

I have a fresh pot of coffee brewing, and a sense that it can be done! Let's see... permalink

Update: It worked magnificently.  permalink

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