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Need help with CSS-based outlines
By Dave Winer on Monday, July 05, 2010 at 5:11 PM.

Update: First, thanks for all the help -- but it's getting too late, and I'm not converging on anything, and this is a production site, and the software now has other users. So I had to punt on making this work for now. I think Jeremy Felt's advice is the best, and I don't think I'm going to get this to work until I put a few days in front of me to do the usual wrestling with CSS stuff. permalink

Back in May and June when I was working on the rendering code in Scripting2, I'd frequently post questions here about CSS and got phenomenal support from members of the community. I've gone quiet lately as I've been working in other areas, but now I'm swinging back to rendering, and could use some help. permalink

I have code that renders two-level outlines, but now I want to generalize it so I can go N-levels and have a nice indented display that you can expand and collapse.  permalink

I've implemented the recursion, as you can imagine, it's pretty simple, but now I'm hung up on how to get the indenting to work. Here's an example. permalink

Names permalink

People permalink

Men permalink

Arnie permalink

Joe permalink

Phil permalink

Women permalink

Beth permalink

Mary permalink

Zoe permalink

Cars permalink

BMW permalink

Corvette permalink

Pontiac permalink

Computers permalink

Apple permalink

IBM permalink

Everything works as it should except the indentation. permalink

What am I doing wrong? (Heh don't you love it when users say that.) permalink

How about this: I want to get it right! <img src="> permalink

When it's working it should look something like this. (Never mind the wedges, look at the indentation.) permalink

A picture named outline.gif permalink

Any help would be appreciated. permalink

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