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Despicable Me in 3D
By Dave Winer on Friday, July 09, 2010 at 5:43 PM.

A picture named minion.jpgI did what I always do, if I can, when a movie I want to see opens on a Friday afternoon. I sneak out and catch a matinee, usually before the theaters are full on the weekend. But the theater was full for the 3:25PM show at the Regal on Union Square for Despicable Me.  permalink

In a summer without blockbusters, yet (I'm totally looking forward to Inception, coming out next Friday) Despicable is a nice reminder that movies can be easy and fun even if they follow a formula, as this one certainly does. A gruff work-obsessed middle-aged guy is shown to have a huge heart by a small swarm of lovable kids. It's a very funny, very sweet movie -- lots of great gags, hilarious characters, a little bit of (good) bathroom humor, and lots of heart-tugging.  permalink

PS: I'm looking for bloggable clipart of minions. 145 pixels across, white background. A choice of minions in funky poses. Help much appreciated, not finding anything on Google. permalink

PPS: I liked that a neat 3D animated movie didn't come from Pixar.  permalink

PPPS: I loved that one of the minions was named Dave. :-) permalink

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