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Questions about the new Digg
By Dave Winer on Sunday, July 18, 2010 at 10:24 AM.

A picture named accordianGuy.gifI've been lucky enough to be admitted to the test group for the new version of Digg that's in development. I don't think it's all that exclusive, it's kind of like a public beta, but you do need to be authorized to get in. permalink

I'm thinking about integrating my workflow with Digg the same way I have it integrated with Twitter. To do that I need a bookmarklet that flows links into Digg. There must be one, but pecking around the UI it wasn't apparent where. Any help would be much appreciated. permalink

Is there a discussion board for support questions? Again, a superficial look didn't reveal it permalink

If you want to follow me over there, my account is scriptingnews. permalink  permalink

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