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OMG, Twitter is suggesting people to follow?!
By Dave Winer on Friday, July 30, 2010 at 4:23 PM.

Isn't it funny how when Twitter does something that others have been doing for ages it's still innovative? But it is. permalink

So look what just showed up in the right margin on the Twitter home page... permalink

A picture named omg.gif permalink

Follow TechCrunch and Stevin Berlin Johnson. Good ideas! permalink

A picture named zombie.gifBut wait a minute -- holy guacamole -- it looks an awful lot like -- omg -- could it be -- the dreaded, evil Suggested Users List. permalink

Has it returned from the dead? permalink

It looks suspiciously like it has. Haven't seen one ordinary person in there, after about a dozen refreshes. They all look like either Friends-of-Ev or celebs with big MSM names. Or reporters that write sweet nothings about Twitter, Inc. permalink

A picture named zombie2.gifOnly this time they aren't just targeting newbies, the kinds of people who sign up, see nothing interesting and then disappear. I already follow 1323 people, and I've been on Twitter since 2006. According to Google I've blogged about it 3490 times (not including this post). What could possibly be the rationale for asking me to follow Tim O'Reilly or John Battelle. How about instead suggesting some people for me to unfollow. (I'm not kidding, I suffer from tweet overload.) permalink

Yeah they totally suck. permalink

Why don't they write some software down there at Twitter and stop nominating their friends for awards. permalink

Where's my opt-out of this? I want to get rid of this thing. Now. permalink

Update: They've blogged about it, but it sure doesn't sound like what I'm seeing. They don't mention the user interface on the Twitter front page. permalink

Update #2: Here's how you opt-out. Just click on all the X's next to all the names as they pop up. Once you've killed them all, the feature just goes away.  permalink

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